Technology at work for you

We specialize in meeting the needs of small to mid-size companies who need quality voice and data network services but don’t have the full IT departments and IT budgets to do it themselves. We maximize your technology efficiency and functionality while freeing up your IT staff from managing these complex systems and networks in order to focus on more productive support functions for your business.

The most advanced equipment won’t communicate properly without a quality, expertly installed cabling infrastructure that can handle your telecommunication network’s capacity. Tel-One designs and installs new cabling infrastructures; also evaluates, repairs and adds additional cabling and equipment so your existing telecommunication network operates at top efficiency.

Seamless Integration for your communication and data network:

Tel-One provides our customers with a single source solution for installation, service and support of cutting-edge telecommunications equipment with seamless integration of multiple manufacturers and technologies so your company’s communication systems provide top efficiency and a competitive edge in a dynamic business environment.

Every aspect of your network’s installation is monitored and orchestrated by our experienced project managers who have hands-on experience in every facet of the hardware and software in your systems. .

Engineering · Site Surveys · Construction & Codes · Deliveries & Equipment Tracking· Budget· Installations· Hardware & Software Staff Training· Post-Installation Transitioning

Tel-One gives personal attention to the management of each and every project we engage in. This goes beyond reputation; we take great pride in continuing the excellence in service and support we’ve provided our customers for over 20 years which has allowed us to succeed as one of the top telecommunications networking companies in the nation.

Tel-One provides your company with complete training on your new telecommunication systems. We want your staff to understand the day-to-day operations. functions and programming that your equipment will provide your company so you can take full advantage of all its features and capacities.

After installing your telecommunication network, we won’t hand you a manual and wish you good luck. Your IT staff and employees are trained before and after the installation and implementation of your telecommunication systems. Training on your new systems is vital to the smooth transition and future operation of the equipment and software.

Tel-One specifically includes pre-and post-installation training as part of the implementation schedule. Your staff is given hands-on training in a class-style format and your administrators are provided individual programming training for the management of your system.