Replace your PBX with a Cost Efficient Alternative

By combining voice and data, businesses can significantly reduce overall costs and stay on top of evolving technology. In addition to standard phone system functions such as making and receiving calls, transfer, hold, paging, 3-way conferencing, voice mail and do not disturb, all Tel-One Cloud One PBX systems include multiple advanced features that add value and power to your business communications. Below are listed some of the most often used and unique features.

Unlimited Extensions

Create endless “virtual” extensions for every employee, each with a separate username and password to login and manage their own inbox and extension settings

Automated Attendant

The system takes calls and delivers them to their destination. This tool includes a customizable menu of options to complete call routing.

Advance Call Routing

Easily control how calls are handled. Route incoming calls to a single number, or different destinations based on the day, time or the Caller ID of the call received.

Custom Greetings

Create audio greetings by uploading your own audio files or record directly from your phone. Greetings can be used for hold music, or select from our professional hold music options.

Get Additional Numbers

Select a local phone number in any area code.

Get a Toll Free Number

Select a Toll Free number and have it instantly activated. Choose from 800, 888, 877, 866 and 855.

Caller Analytics

Gain valuable insight to your callers’ data and social profile with our call analytics platform. Break down and analyze calls to your  account with just a few clicks.

Customer Support 24/7/365

Our US based Customer Support team is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you by email, chat or phone.

Business IP Phones

Get the latest in IP phone technology. Choose from Yealink, Polycom, and Snom business quality IP phones. See all phones >

Voice Mail to Email

Each extensions, with voicemail, to email  and separate login information for individual management.

Find Me-Follow Me

Find Me / Follow Me combines two powerful features:

  1. Simultaneous Ring. Set calls to your VoIP phone number to ring simultaneously at up to ten additional phones, such as your mobile phone or home office.
  2. Sequential Ring. Set calls to your VoIP phone number to ring sequentially at up to five additional phones in any order you define.

Connect with your Mobile

Place and receive calls with your mobile phone, get text notifications, listen to voicemail or simply forward calls while you are out of the office.

Conference Calling

Host conference calls with using your own dedicated conference bridge number.

Online Management

Administrative access allows you to manage, features and individual extension settings as well.

Add-Ons and Upgrades

Tel-One Cloud PBX is packed with over 40 advanced calling features that let you customize your perfect business phone service.

  • Access to over 40 domestic and 8 international carriers directly.
  • We have access to every major voice termination network worldwide.

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