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StarCenterTM enhances your Star2Star communications platform with advanced voice call center functionality. StarCenter is a flexible, intelligent and easy-to-manage system with capabilities to boost your business operations. –

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Inbound Contact Center

StarCenterTM is a complete, full-featured call center exclusively for Star2Star’s business communications system. StarCenter delivers advanced call routing, management, and reporting features.

StarCenterTM is highly scalable – from a few users to hundreds of users – and it operates seamlessly across multiple locations. The simple, web-based user interface makes it easy to add and administer queues and agents.

StarView for StarCenterTM

With StarView, call center managers have access to:

  • Key performance indicator dashboard for an at-a-glance view of the most important call center metrics
  • Real-time queue performance to easily adjust to changes in call volume, caller wait times and agent availability
  • Real-time agent performance, including agent readiness, answer rate and talk time
  • Summary reports that simplify collected data, make it easy to spot monthly, weekly, and daily trends, and drill-down to the underlying queue, agent and call detail.

Turn data from your advanced call center into information that helps drive your business forward with StarView. StarView leverages your flexible and cost-effective StarCenter data by transforming it into valuable and actionable business knowledge. Administrators can choose to allow agents to view their own performance against their peers or against administrative activity thresholds to enhance motivation and productivity.

Advanced Ring Strategies

Send incoming calls to the most appropriate agent based on one of six ring strategies: Round Robin, Skill- or
Language-Based , Best Match, Least Recent, Ring All, or Random.

Flexible Announcements (4 Types)

Four announcement types (position in queue, estimated wait time, hold time, and periodic) keep your callers
informed of their status.

Queue/Agent Reporting

Call detail reports include Queue Summary, Agent Summary, Agent Detail (drill down), StarCenter Call Detail.
StarCenter Report data is immediately available upon completion of a call.

Multi-Queue Monitor

Star2Star’s exclusive browser-based Multi-Q Monitor feature provides all the features of the queue monitor
and more. Multi-Queue provides the ability to create multiple queue views, including call status, agent status,
Caller ID and call duration for agents busy on a call.

Administrative Monitor/Barge In/ Whisper

StarCenter administrators can use this feature in one of three ways:
• Listen allows the Supervisor / Manager to silently monitor both parties on the call
• Whisper allows the Supervisor / Manager to coach / talk to the agent without being heard by the caller
• Barge allows the Supervisor / Manager to take over the call

Caller ID Routing

This feature provides specific call treatment options based upon the calling party’s Callers ID. Use this feature
to provide VIP service for key customers, or to automatically route incoming calls from a specific number into
a specific extension or ring group.

Multiple Action Keys

Allows a caller to take one of several actions while waiting for an agent. For example, Action Keys can allow
callers to go to voice mail or return to the main auto-attendant. Each action key can have its own recorded

Agent login/logout (Portal login feature available)

Agents log in and out with a 4-digit user ID, plus a PIN code. Certain Star2Star phones include a one-press
agent login key.

Queue Monitoring

Each queue can be monitored in a browser window on your screen. Create as many queue monitors as you

Queue Specific Message on Hold

Each queue can have its own specific on-hold recording. You can use the queue recordings to provide helpful
information, seasonal messages, promotional information, or music.

9 Levels of Failover

Flexible failover options allow special handling of calls if certain conditions are met. For example, you can
create failover actions to take place if a call remains in a queue beyond a pre-set threshold, or if a call comes
in but no agents are logged in.

Inbound Call Recording

The optional inbound StarCenter Call Recording feature allows administrators to record incoming calls for
individual agents. Administrators can download, play back, and delete call recordings directly from a search
screen. Administrators can quickly locate recordings by queue, agent, start date, end date, caller ID and call

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