Tel-One’s new fax over IP solutions provide the security and reliability that you are used to experiencing with your existing analog fax machine, but with much more flexibility.

Our two new faxing options now run over the internet protocol and allow you to use your existing fax machine connected to an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter), or to send and receive faxes virtually through your email.

Customers can now send faxes to any location, or from any device, while saving money on long-distance charges, and per fax fees.

The Virtual Fax solution allows users to send and receive faxes through their email without requiring a physical fax machine. By merely following a simple template and inputting your login credentials on the email subject line, you are able to send faxes straight from your email to any fax number.

You can also use the web-based portal to upload your documents for outbound faxing. This method allows you to send a fax anywhere, at any time, with any device

  • Tel-One becomes your single point of contact for both your faxing requirements along with your cost-effective business telephone service.
  • Business grade fax communications.
  • Virtual Service:  Send / Receive faxes via your email account.
  • The ATA connects easily to standard fax machines, or multi-function printers.
  • Easy integration into your existing network.

For customers that would prefer to use their existing fax machine, Tel-One has a Fax over HTTPS solution.

You now have the ability to send faxes over an IP network while using your existing machine. By simply connecting the analog fax machine to the ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter), customers can now send and receive faxes reliably over an IP network.

The ATA connected to the fax machine acts as an interpreter, capturing the original document and streaming it to our server via HTTPS (the same protocol that the internet uses).

The server then translates it back to a standard fax signal and sends it out via a standard telephone line to the receiving fax number. This method provides consistent reliability and maximum security.  One of the options that is very attractive is the ability to send a fax out via the fax machine, and receive inbound faxes via your email.

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